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killyouclub mix series 005 | TX Connect


Gavin Guthrie AKA TX Connect, who owns & operates T.R.U. (Texas Recordings Underground)took time from his busy schedule to hook us up with this mix. Give it a listen then go check out all of the killer releases from T.R.U. and the TX Connect full length being released via Medical Records in June!

Christian Death – Dogs
El Aviador Dro – Tejidos
M’Ress – Opalescent Nine
Val G – Frostbite
Twins – What We All Sing
Bezier – Stranger Ft. Nicole & Doc Sleep
Experimental Products – Love Changes
Data – Stop
Spice Boys – Cold Fist Gets Spicy
TX Connect – AciDDD-1 (Forthcoming Medical Records)
Kosmik – The Kraken
Slaying Medusa 001
Bear Bait – Joedeci
Alan Oldham – Wild
House Gang – Let No Man Put Us Under