Mix Series 002 – Missions

missionswide - Mix Series 002 - Missions


killyouclub mix series 002 – missions

What was your first piece of gear?

Roland Juno-60

Do you still use it?

Oh yeah.

How do you record?

I record very slowly as it’s an always evolving process but these days I have everything connected to a patch-bay that’s also connected to my old mixer that feeds into my interface. This way nothing is stuck and I can run any piece of gear thru any hardware effects or what-have-you. I record my MIDI as well, if available, either straight to Ableton, or I will have made a dense loop of sounds or beats on the MPC and I record that MIDI into Ableton to structure it out then dump back onto MPC for performances.

Do you spend a lot of time rearranging and re-recording parts of a track or do you try to just grab it all in one take?

I try to do all my arranging via MIDI, so recording is pretty easy and accomplished in one take, however, I’ve re-recorded some songs countless times, even completely re-mixed and re-arranged. I will say it’s hard doing it alone.

Quality or quantity?

Quality, make em want more.

If you got to make a track with one piece of gear or instrument and one person living or dead, who and what would it be?

Probably a Fairlight and with my man Trevor Horn


Tornado Wallace – Voices

Geoffrey Landers – Say You’ll Say So

Jex Opolis – Guitar Sands

Payfone – Mice Life

Fever Ray – Mama’s Hand

Palmbomen II – RTL Unifeeder

Pink Fink – Fink’s Groove

Ministry – I See Red

Car Crash Set – Breakdown

Savage Progress – Reclaim The Night

Geneva Jacuzzi – Macho Island

Tornado Wallace ft Sui Zhen – Today

Multiple Man – Luxury Boys

Boy Harsher – Motion

Kraftwerk – The Telephone Call

Patrick Cowley – Take A Little Trip

Steve Monite – Only You

International Music System – Bonus Single ‘Joke’

Palmbomen II – Wilco’s Funeral