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killyouclub mix series 004

Very proud to have LA transplant, former short bus owner and wig aficionado Eddie Lakes on our fourth mix series, catch him Saturday 4.21.18 for killyouclub record night at The Meadowlark in Denver.

Rosemary Qarr – ? [Rated X Records]

Kebekelektrik – Magic Fly

Trouble Funk – Trouble Funk Express

Anthony Parasole & Phil Moffa – Ocean Bottom [The Corner]

J.Albert – ? [Cult Trip]

Greg Beato – F7 [L.I.E.S.]

Deejay Xanax – ? [Exotic Dance Records]

Florian Kupfer – ? [Russian Torrent Versions]

Delroy Edwards – Untitled [L.A. Club Resource]

Sendex – ? [Bunker Records]

Steve Summers – ? [Russian Torrent Versions]

Person of Interest – Eclipse [Exotic Dance Records]

Galcher Lustwerk – I Neva Seen [Lustwerk Music]

Fantastic Man – Rhythm Algorithm [Superconscious Records]

Funkinevil – Ignorant [Wild Oats]

4 Hero – Burning [Reinforced Records]

Aphex Twin – Windowlicker [Warp Records]

Dirty Jak – Get the Fuk Out [Hoe Down Records]

Sanchez – Loneliness Leave me Alone [Techniques]