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killyouclub 008 | DJ REWD

DJ Rewd is pushing wave and body music. Whether it’s through his own party, New Romanticks, or at various deepclub events, it’s pretty apparent he knows his stuff.
Here’s our latest mix from the man and
make sure to catch him, TML, Soul Tangler and Occidental at the latest New Romanticks party Oct. 13th in Denver.

Marie – Marterpfahl
Papertiger And The Catcammer Orchestra – In The Disko (spAceLex Extended Club Drum Edit)
Poligam – Perche Si (Sneakers Dunkeltier Remix)
Job Sifre – Bestaan
Das Ding – 16 (New Mix)
Mick Clarke – Walls Of The Night (Heinrich Dressel Remix)
Kris Baha – Mornington Coroboree
Book Of Life – Verlorene Seelen (M.W. Cut)
Project Germs – CuatOne
Unknown Artist – (Tnemetsuja Reitleknud / Dniknnamrebo) Gnos Yppah
Bakunin Commando – Mirror
Fan Tan – Dress Up
Red Axes – Waiting For A Surprise (Kris Baha Remix)
Bionda E Lupo – Zug Der Vögel
Expropriation – Expropriate While U Can
John T. Gast – Overseer
Sheila Fleurator – E-Moon (Food For Thought)